• The Master in Chemistry of the Université Grenoble Alpes is a two-year diploma course (M1 and M2).

  • The first year of the Master's degree in chemistry allows students to acquire disciplinary skills essential to any type of chemist (in particular analytical methods, spectroscopies, experimental and bibliographic techniques) and also specific courses preparing to the second year of Master.

  • The Chemistry for Life Sciences (CLS) program is a training program in biological chemistry for giving students tools to actively participate to research projects at chemistry-biology interface.

  • The organic synthesis course for pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries (SO-IPA) of the master in chemistry is a master 2 recognized nationally and internationally, for students destined for the professions of organic synthesis in public research laboratories or in SMEs, PMI , and large chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • The Polymers for Advanced Technologies course is a nationally and internationally recognized university course for students destined for the professions of polymer synthesis in public research laboratories or in SMEs, PMIs, and large polymer-producing chemical industries.

  • The aim of the Chemistry and Marketing Techniques program is to train sales engineers for the health, chemical and environmental industries. It is taught only in French.



Head of Master
Jean-François Poisson

Chemistry and Biology Department

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Meeting amphi Ouest/Monday 2 September 13H30-16H30
beginning of classes : Tuesday 3 September