Graduates of the Master Chemistry PTA course can be directly employed (especially if they have followed the professional program), or continue their studies by another master to acquire a double competency or a doctorate.

Pursuit of Studies

The research program of the M2 PTA prepares for the entry into a doctoral school, for example, in Grenoble, in the doctoral school "Chemistry and life sciences" and the doctoral school "Engineering - materials, mechanics, environment, energy, processes, production ". Entry to the thesis is subject to success at the entrance selection of doctoral schools.

Career Opportunities

Manufacturers of polymers (cosmetics, biomedical, pharmaceutical, agri-food, tire, paints and coatings, textiles, microelectronics, energy, transport, construction, sports and leisure) in research and development (R & D) teams, production, quality control, consulting ....

Potentials employers: PME, PMI, companies, universities, CNRS, CEA, INSERM... (as an engineer)

Professions following the M2 pro: technical framework for scientific studies and basic research (engineering studies), technical framework of studies-research and development of industry, technical framework of production, technical framework of quality control.

Professions following a doctorate: research and teaching professions, R & D, process, project management, consulting, ...