Applications for internship

You would like to spend up to 6 months for a traineeship in a Chemistry Research laboratory associated with UGA? Here is the procedure.
First have a look at a potential list of research fields available at UGA through the following websites:

Or see a complete list of laboratories in Grenoble.

Send a CV, letter of motivation (explaining your research interests and competences), transcript of records to the International Affairs of the Department of Chemistry and Biology. To benefit from welcoming and housing opportunities, use the same calendar and procedure as for exchange students applying for study mobility. The French law requires that applicants for internship longer than 2 months must get a stipend from the research lab welcoming the student. As France is experiencing severe budget cuts for Research in Science, we may not be able to fulfill all requests. Applications need thus to be filled very carefully.

Published on  November 9, 2017
Updated on December 19, 2017