Skills targeted

  • Know how to use macromolecular synthesis methods
  • Know how to use physico-chemical characterization methods for polymer materials (good laboratory practice, spectroscopic analysis: IR, UV, visible, NMR, chromatographic analyzes: SEC, GPC and HPLC, thermal, mechanical, rheological and viscometric analyzes; radiation)
  • Know how to use the structure / properties relationships of polymer materials
  • Know how to use and observe safety rules
  • Know how to use the different classes of functional polymers in the fields of energy, biomedical, micro- and nanotechnologies
  • Know to use the so-called "green" methods in polymer chemistry.
  • Know some major industrial processes for the production and shaping of polymers
  • Know how to implement experience plans to address a particular problem; master the statistical analysis of the plans and their interpretation
  • Know the notions of functions and specifications.
Published on  September 4, 2017
Updated on November 30, 2017