Skills targeted at the end of the CLS program

  • Knowledge on the methods of synthesis and engineering of peptides, carbohydrates and nucleic acids and their applications for therapeutics, diagnostics and nanotechnologies
  • Knowledge on the principles used to understand and mimic the metal binding sites naturally found in biological systems and to anticipate interactions of toxic metals or metal-based drugs in living organisms
  • Knowledge on biological therapeutic targets to facilitate understanding of projects at the chemistry biology interface, in particular in neurobiology, cancerology and epigenetics
  • Knowledge on the major classes of bioactive molecules in the fields of the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry
  • Knowledge on the main techniques to analyze and study small molecules and biomolecules (RMN, CPG, HPLC, RPE and Mössbauer spectroscopy)
Published on  September 4, 2017
Updated on November 30, 2017