Why this master?

A multidisciplinary training in chemistry

The Master in Chemistry offers a multidisciplinary training in chemistry, in which you can obtain your specialization either towards chemistry either at the interface with biology or towards fine chemicals (synthesis of bio-active molecules, natural products, molecules with odorous, aromatic, photochromic properties, etc.), or towards the synthesis and characterization of polymers (polymers for renewable energies and soft electronics, Polymers for medical and pharmaceutical applications, biosourced polymers, nanostructured materials), or towards the trades of technical-commercial for the companies of the sectors of the health, the chemistry, or the environment.

The advantages of the Master in Chemistry of the Université Grenoble Alpes

  • A great place for practical work and internships, in a discipline where experimental know-how is essential.
  • A master in English to prepare you to work in an international context.
  • Language and professional integration courses to help you prepare for your arrival in the world of work.
  • Numerous participants in the professional world come to offer courses directly related to their activity.
With this master, you will become a highly qualified chemist in major fields such as in organic synthesis (SO-IPA),  in polymers (PTA) or chemistry at the interface with biology (CLS). You will also have the opportunity to put your sales talents at the service of companies in the chemistry and environment sectors by following an alternating year on the ChemTechCo  (CTC).

Chemistry is an interdisciplinary science, connected to the life sciences, materials sciences, renewable energies, medicine, aromas, perfumes, and agrochemistry: our curriculum reflects this diversity.
Published on  August 24, 2017
Updated on November 30, 2017