Master 1 Chemistry

The first year of the Master in Chemistry allows students to acquire disciplinary skills essential to any type of chemist (in particular analytical methods, spectroscopies, experimental and bibliographic techniques) and also specific courses preparing to the second year of the Master.
The first year of the Master in Chemistry leads to the following Master 2 programs:

These courses are complemented by transversal language and vocational integration courses and by a compulsory training period (from 2 to 5 months), which allows students to learn how to work in a team, in an academic or industrial environment, in France or abroad.


The student has the possibility to construct his own course with a specialization there again progressive, opening on different specializations in the second year. Training can be followed in initial or in-service education.

Organization and Admission

The Master 1 program is organized over one year (two semesters).
The M1 is available on selection to persons who have obtained a national degree conferring the degree of license in a field compatible with that of the master .


The second semester includes an internship lasting at least 2 months (from April to June, possibility of extension until the end of August) in connection with the training of the master. The latter may be carried out either in an academic laboratory (in particular in Grenoble: UGA, CEA, CNRS, etc.) or in companies, in France or abroad.

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Published on  August 24, 2017
Updated on September 20, 2023