Master 2 Organic synthesis for pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries (SO-IPA)

The organic synthesis course for pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries (SO-IPA) of the Master in Chemistry is a Master 2 recognized nationally and internationally, for students who wish to pursue a career in  organic chemistry in public research laboratories or in SMEs, PMI , And large chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


To train students in the synthesis and characterization of organic molecules, particularly for applications in the fields of fine chemistry, chemistry of bioactive molecules (active principles of drugs, flavors, perfumes, agrochemicals ...).


The  program has been developed in collaboration with industrial partners, also involved in training. The M2 internship can be carried out in the laboratories of the Université Grenoble Alpes , other universities (French or international) or in companies.

Research and professional pathway

The SO-IPA course of the master chemistry comes in two ways:
  • Research : For students intending to pursue doctoral studies ( 8 years after high school) (taught in English)
  • Professional : For students wishing to enter the world of work directly at the Master degree (taught in English and French)


The SO-IPA Master's program is integrated over 2 years (4 semesters). For the program of the first year (M1 -S1, S2), consult Master 1 Chemistry Program

Students who have taken a master's degree in another university may join the SO-IPA master's program directly in the second year, after examining the academic record (and possibly interviewing the head of education). The program followed prior to entry into M2 must be similar to that of the M1 chemistry of the Université Grenoble Alpes.


Semester 4 is devoted to a 6-month internship (from January to June for the research course, from February to July for the professional course).

This internship can be carried out either in an academic laboratory (in particular in Grenoble, see  list of laboratories), or in industry (compulsory for the professional course). The internship is an essential element of the training, it must be in line with your course of master.

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Published on  August 24, 2017
Updated on September 20, 2023