Excellent students applying to Université Grenoble Alpes and registering at the Master in Chemistry can apply to different funding:

  • EUR CBH Graduate School grants:

This is your first registration in a French University and you are applying in one of the programs of the Master in Chemistry? You are eligible to the grant program awarded by the CBH Graduate School . Students will be selected on their academic background and motivation for research-oriented training, and will be contacted by the Masters responsible when they are accepted in the chosen course after evaluation of their file.

  • UGA IDEX grants:

You are currently enrolled in a Foreign University and you are applying to one of the programs of the Master in Chemistry, you can apply to the UGA Idex grant. To know more about the eligibility criteria and the application process, please visit this link .

  • Eiffel scholarship program of excellence:

You are a non-French citizen, you are among the 10% best student among your current bachelor, master or undergraduate program, and one of the programs of the Master in Chemistry is your first choice to continue your studies. Then you can consider Eiffel scholarships.

Be aware that this grant requires anticipation. You need to contact the program supervisor and/or the international affairs coordinator of the department between mid-october to end-november of the preceding year of your admission. The program supervisor will then decide or not to support your application at the university level where you will compete with students from different fields and your application will be sent for a competition at the national level. Eligibility criteria are based on your academic level and the strength of your study and professional project. To know more visit the official Eiffel website.

  • Fondation UGA:

You compete in sports or arts, you are handicapped, you have a nice project in mind in parallel to your studies, then this grant opportunity can be for you. To know more (in French), visit this link.

  • Some additional specific grants:

Some master-study fellowships are country specific (Pakistan, Syria), for these we advice you to investigate the Campus France website 

Published on  November 15, 2017
Updated on April 25, 2021