Insertion or pursuit of studies

Students who have graduated from the SO-IPA Chemistry Master's degree can either enter the labor market directly (especially if they have followed the professional path) or continue their studies by a doctorate or another master's degree to acquire a double competence.

Pursuit of studies

The research path of the M2 SO-IPA gives access to a thesis in a doctoral school, for example in Grenoble the doctoral school chemistry and life science Chimie et sciences du vivant.
Admission to the thesis is subject to the selection of the different doctoral schools (in France or abroad).

Career opportunities

Chemical industry, especially in fine chemistry, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, aroma and perfume industry ... in research and development teams, as well as in production.

Synthesis on a laboratory scale, kilo-lab, R & D, process, ...

Potentials employers : SMEs, SMEs, pharma industries, agrochemicals, fine chemicals, aromas and perfumes, custom synthesis companies, universities, CNRS, CEA, INSERM ... (as an engineer)

Professions following the M2 pro: technical framework for scientific studies and basic research (engineering studies), technical framework of studies-research and development of industry, technical framework of production, technical framework of quality control.

Professions following a doctorate:
research and teaching professions, R & D, process, project management, consulting, ...

Published on  September 4, 2017
Updated on December 19, 2017