Master 2 Chemistry for life sciences (CLS)

The Chemistry for Life Sciences (CLS) program is a training program in biological chemistry for giving students tools to actively participate to research projects at chemistry-biology interface


The objectives are to provide students with the knowledge and skills in both bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry to probe biological systems.


The CLS program benefits from the expertise of the UGA research laboratories in the field of chemical biology, and researchers from those laboratoiries are actively involved in training. Parallel to the chemistry courses, the interface with biology is ensured by a specific biology course in order to better know the biological targets feeding the current research in biology chemistry.


The program is integrated over 2 years (4 semesters). For the program of the first year (M1 -S1, S2), consult Master 1 Chemistry Program.

Students from another university may join the CLS program in the second year, after examining the academic record (and possibly interviewing the head of education). The program followed prior to entry into M2 must be similar to that of the M1 chemistry of the Université Grenoble Alpes.


Semester 4 is devoted to a 6-month internship (from January to June) in a research laboratory in France or abroad (in particular in Grenoble, see the list of laboratories). The internship must be in line with the specialization of the master.

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Published on  August 24, 2017
Updated on September 20, 2023